Bryan came to us from California to participate in this program.  As a member of the first cohort he brings a student’s perspective on both the trajectory of the program and the development of our learning community. Feel free to ask Bryan about his travels across the country and his experience balancing between the working class and the academic world.


Davante was a part of the second cohort and became a mentor for the fifth cohort. Davante realized by being in Rivers and Revolutions that he learns better by experiencing what he is studying and connecting it through the different disciplines.


Nico was in the first cohort of Rivers and Revolutions, and is currently an education major at Colorado College.  He found that the diversity and sincerity of the program’s content, curriculum, participants and educators made for a learning community that brought the best out of everyone. He felt like Rivers and Revolutions reinvigorated his relationship with education and inspired him to become an educator.


Sam was in Cohort 5 of Rivers & Revolutions. His favorite part of the program was the opportunity to lead a full day of lessons. He will be attending the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in the fall.


Anthony was in the Second Cohort of Rivers and Revolutions. He was particularly fond of the holistic and integrative learning approach. He is entering into his Junior year at Santa Clara University–studying Physics with a focus in Quantum Mechanics and Philosophy.


She was in the third cohort during the fall of her senior year. Being in Rivers helped her become a lot more open minded in many ways, especially to this new idea of interdisciplinary learning. It also made her realize what her priorities were and how to go about accomplishing her goals and aspirations. Emma will be a sophomore at Bucknell University in the fall and is studying Management.


Tracey was in the third cohort. For her, Rivers and Revolutions inspired perspective and thoughtfulness about the world and the overlapping aspects within it. While drawing connections and engaging with new ideas, Tracey had a very reflective and rewarding experience. Tracey is currently majoring in Policy Studies and Psychology at Syracuse University.


Margaret was part of the fifth Rivers and Revolutions cohort last fall. She loved experiencing new methods of learning and being part of such a close learning community. Next year she will be a senior at CCHS.


Cassidy was a member of the Fifth Cohort of Rivers and Revolutions. Cassidy loves the comfortable and encouraging community of teachers and peers that Rivers provides, and knows she will always belong to it. She also gained confidence in her own intellignece as well as gratification for education. She will be a senior next year and looks forward to graduating and taking a gap year!


James has taken on a big role in anything and everything Rivers related (with Goodwin as his neighbor he didn’t really have a choice). As a member of the third cohort he loved the safe environment Rivers provided in which he could express his feelings and thoughts freely. Next year James will be attending and playing football at RPI in Troy, New York.


Johnny was a part of the fourth cohort of Rivers during his junior year. Rivers provided an outlet that led to an incredibly successful and excited demeanor to round out his high school experience. Johnny credits Rivers for giving him to skills to achieve many of his successes. On July 30th, Johnny takes off to Melbourne, Australia, on the internship trip of a lifetime.


Yasmine was in the Fourth Cohort of Rivers and Revolutions. She did not know what to expect from the program, but she came out of it having close relationships with teachers and peers. Rivers gave her a different, more creative way of looking at school material, connected to her personal experiences (past and present), and challenged her to get out of her comfort zone. Rivers helped her to understand her learning preferences, and helped Yasmine find new ways of learning that she didn’t know she was capable of doing.


Marissa was in the 5th Rivers and Revolutions cohort. She worked closely with CRI and other peers to develop a Professional Development workshop. Through that work, Marissa became passionate about exploring how we learn best and the importance of connecting content between the disciplines. Rivers allowed Marissa to truly be herself and absorb everything that she was learning.


Julia was in the Fourth Cohort of Rivers and Revolutions. She especially loved the tight-knit and caring community that developed over the course of the semester. She will be attending Colby College in the fall, beginning with a semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain.


Emma was in the fourth cohort of Rivers and Revolutions during the spring of her junior year.  Her favorite part of the Rivers experience was the learning environment being in such a tight knit community created. She will be attending Denison University in Granville, Ohio in the fall.


Ethan was in Cohort 6 of Rivers & Revolutions. He loved the different learning style and increased student freedom that Rivers provided. He will be attending Bishop’s University in Canada in the Fall of 2015.


Sarah was in the second cohort of Rivers & Revolutions.  She loved the freedom to express what she learned through different mediums such as artwork and baking, rather than the usual testing strategy. She now attends Trinity College and is a rising Junior, studying Psychology.


Trey was in the Fifth Cohort of Rivers and Revolutions. He enjoyed the support and encouragement of the Rivers community, and also the close relationships that were cultivated. He especially welcomed the fact that the opinions of students were valued, requested, and implemented on a regular basis, causing the community to have a sense of mutual appreciation which extended between teachers and students. He will be studying psychology at Roger Williams University this coming fall.


A member of the first Rivers and Revolutions cohort, Mike has watched the program blossom from a jumble of ideas to a full fledged revolution bent on transforming the educational experience. As an anthropology student at Connecticut College, Mike still thinks back to lessons from Rivers for inspiration and wisdom. Ask him about cuisine and travel!