Student experiences

“I’ve been to Chile and Ecuador, but this was very different for many reasons. First off, it was really nice having real-life adults there. That took away the entire level of occasional panic that I had in South America when I wasn’t sure if something was OK.  I also learned so much about the culture of Cambodia! I don’t know squat about politics or history in Chile or Ecuador and I was there for way longer. Also it was really fun having discussions with the group about all sorts of things. I only have those in-depth discussions when I’m doing something with CRI and wow did I miss those. It was so fun. I miss it a lot. (reunion trip please??)” –Cassidy

“The impact the PEPY students had on me will always resonate in my heart. I was amazed by them. When I saw how strong, passionate, intelligent, and dedicated they are to giving back to their community while always taking care of their families and friends is beyond words to me. I’ll never forget them because they taught me so much on how capable I am of doing anything I put my mind to. They taught me about patience and humility. They have an ability to make something out of nothing, which inspired me to explore my creativity and broaden my ideas to solve problems.” –Yasmine

“PEPY obviously made this trip unique. Aside from the fact that they were just incredible in pretty much every sense of the word, having a group to get to know and be open with was absolutely essential in getting to know Cambodian culture and taking everything in through their lens, not ours. The third thing that made the trip unique was you guys.”  –Liam

“We were only there for ten days, but I feel like it really became a part of my life that defines who I am and who I want to be. I absolutely see myself going back multiple times in the future, and hopefully reconnecting with the amazing friends we made. I can’t wait to see where the relationship with PEPY goes in the future, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. “  –Ky