Cambodia Exchange

During the summer of 2017 CRI ran a pilot international trip to Cambodia.  Three CRI educators and four students traveled to Cambodia to work with our partner organization, PEPY Empowering Youth.  Faculty from both organizations worked together to design an experience that encouraged our students to explore Cambodian history and culture while working together on collaborative projects and activities.  This experience was a departure from the traditional service-learning model in that it did not presuppose that one group had more to offer than the other.  This experience inverted the service-learning model by offering an experience rich in learning opportunities—a necessary precondition for effective service.  We fully expect that our students will engage in global service in the future.  This experience was designed to teach them that before we serve we have an obligation listen to the voices and respect the self-determination of those we seek to help.  Both PEPY and CRI found the pilot to be a success and we hope to expand the number of students we bring on our next trip.  Before that happens, however, we are pleased to announce that in the spring of 2018 CRI will be hosting a contingent of Cambodian students and faculty members from PEPY here in America.